Swank Aid! No Dork!

SwankAid is a blog searching for cool and effective adaptive equipment for people who need them of all abilities. SwankAid challenges equipment manufactures to work on the style and function of adaptive devices.

This is the graphic for Ever Widening Circle for World on Disability.
 “Ever Widening Circles”for World on Disability.  copyright Alicia Lee Farnsworth, http://www.artfulalf.com

This picture was a contest winner for World institute on Disability’s annual fundraiser and performance event called “Ever Widening Circles”. Performers with a variety of disabilities put on a great show. I am using this image, (created by me, Alicia Lee Farnsworth almost 15 years ago) because it puts both disability and a the public perception of disability in the limelight.

The newly created  SwankAid blog and website aims to be a soundboard for steadfast improvements for a life both inclusive and  accessible for all. This site aims to improve the function and style of adaptive technologies, examining social justice, accessible design, adaptable employment, inclusive education and other topics. Product will be reviewed and  hopefully improved. “Off brand” uses of equipment, cost-cutting strategies and lifestyle stories will be shared. Hopefully people will share their “life hacks”. SwankAid will share healthy living strategies for thriving at what ever economic level or ability level you find yourself. SwankAid wants to be the site for hope and moral  support for the future.

Comments are always welcome.